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RLRR LRLL Bracelet


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Customer Reviews

Edgardo Martinez


It's looks good on you wrist !   Some people asked where did I got them and what's the meaning of R L R R  ,  L R L L  ! 

   I did told them !    I like it o lot ! 

Lisa Lisa


I received my bracelet as a gift from a dear and thoughtful friend - and could not have been more surprised to get someting so fun. cool, fashionable and (personally fitting) in the mail from GearBubble! It's GREAT.  After receiving the bracelet and a necklace via GearBubble from my friend - I'm definitely going to visit the site and check out what is available!  THANK YOU!

Joe Jarreau


Cool bracelet, cost is very reasonable, but size is way too small for a man's wrist.  Can't wear it.  Needs to be about twice the size for me.



John J Bagster


very nice better than I expected



Steve Swenson


I saw the bracelet on a Facebook post and I had to have it.  I have never had a bracelet.  Now I have one and I wear it most everyday.  My daughter In-Law said she liked it.  I said it was a gift, from myself.  I like the bracelet because it is light weight, easy to take off and on and displays one of the 13 essential rudiments of drumming.